• What does an employer need to know about New Hampshire disability insurance? Protecting your productive employees as an asset can prove instrumental in your business’s success. Losing an employee to an injury or illness, even for a short period of time, can have a huge impact on both your business and on the disabled employee. An employee’s ability to earn a living is his/her greatest asset and business disability insurance can help protect this asset.

    Group disability insurance is coverage that provides employees with a percentage of their income (usually 60% to 66.67%) in the event that they become disabled because of a non-work related illness or injury.  By providing them with NH disability insurance that will pay them part of their salary when they are temporarily disabled, you allow them to recover without the added burden of struggling to pay their bills and support their families while they are unable to work.

    Why New Hampshire Disability Insurance Highlights Your Company’s Concern & Helps the Bottom Line:

    • Business Disability InsuranceAvoid or reduce expenses for salary continuation, impaired or lost productivity, hiring and training costs and overtime expenses
    • Provide peace of mind to your employees
    • EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) are generally included at no cost
    • Key employee carve out options are available to strengthen executive benefit package
    • Group plans are much less expensive than individual plans
    • Group plans with 10 or more enrolled are not medically underwritten

    Disability insurance is another aspect of the employee benefits package that your employees will appreciate.

    Eaton & Berube Insurance Agency is proud to partner with Granite Group Benefits in Manchester, NH, to provide disability insurance solutions throughout the state of New Hampshire. If you’re in need of disability insurance, whether for yourself or your employees, call 603-269-0700 or visit www.granitegroupbenefits.com.