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Personal Insurance FAQs

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Can I pay my bill On-Line? Yes and No.
Yes, for the following companies: and or call 888.888.0080 pay by phone. and No with Peerless but you can go to their website at and you can access your current billing statement, review your billing history and view future planned activity, or you can call 800.228.7830 to pay by phone.

Why can’t an unmarried couple be covered under a homeowners policy?
If a house is co-owned by the two people, there would be coverage for both individuals. However, if only one person owns the home, the other person should have his or her own Tenants Policy. By definition under a Homeowners Policy, the person who does not own the property is not considered to be an Insured, and therefore, would need his or her own personal property and liability protection.

Will my premium increase if I experience a claim?
Under an auto policy, it would depend if you were at fault and what the total amount of damages are.
Under a homeowners policy, insurance companies can place your policy in a higher-rated tier at your next renewal, depending on the circumstances and paid damages.  Some companies will not renew your homeowners if there have been frequent losses reported in a three-year period of time.

What is the problem with a trampoline?
Due to a staggering increase in injuries resulting from trampoline use, most insurance companies have elected to decline coverage for a homeowner with a trampoline. This is the result of in an increase in emergency room visits, with serious injuries reported including death, broken necks, spinal cord injuries, head trauma resulting in permanent paralysis and death have been reported.

How much is that doggy in the window?
Possibly a lot more than just the sale price… Ever wonder if that puppy you are thinking of getting for the kids is going to have an impact on your homeowners insurance? Although each company has their own guidelines, the following dog breeds can be found on most prohibited dog lists: Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Wolf-dog mix, Akita, Chow & Canarios Please contact your agent BEFORE you get a new dog to find out if it’s on your insurance company list.




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