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Auto Insurance FAQs

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Do I need to insure my son/daughter on my policy, or any other resident relative, on my policy now that he/she is licensed?
A licensed operator living in your home needs to be listed/insured on your policy. Call us for more details.

Will my premium increase if I experience a claim?
Under an auto policy, it would depend if you were at fault and what the total amount of damages are. Under a homeowners policy, insurance companies can place your policy in a higher-rated tier at your next renewal, depending on the circumstances and paid damages.  Some companies will not renew your homeowners if there have been frequent losses reported in a three-year period of time.

Why does my child have to be added to my auto policy if he is away at college?
When your children obtain their driver’s licenses, they gain coverage under your Personal Auto Policy.  An example is that your children have liability coverage to drive any vehicle – not just your vehicle.
If your children’s colleges are over 100 miles away from home and they do not have vehicles with them at college, most companies offer a discount for being away from home.

If an unmarried couple reside in the same household, and one person owns a vehicle, are both individuals covered?
The person who does not own the vehicle is covered to drive the vehicle listed on the policy.  However, because that individual is not an Insured by definition on the Personal Auto Policy, he or she would not have coverage to drive other vehicles not owned, as an example.

If someone drives my car and gets into an accident, will their insurance pay for the damages?
Your policy is the first line of defense, because the insurance follows the vehicle. However, if the driver has insurance coverage it could also be triggered depending on the damages claimed, their insurance contract and the available coverage.

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