• Meet Our Client: ABS Cleaning Company, Inc.

    ABS CleaningWhat began with just a mop, bucket and pickup truck has evolved into a cleaning company that a multitude of local businesses rely on, from commercial offices and medical practices to insurance agencies and banks. With 45 employees, ABS Cleaning Company, Inc., in Nashua, N.H., has grown considerably over the past 20 years, but General Manager Brenda Garneau is proud to say that she and her husband Forrest Morris still serve their first customer.

    Not only do the founders of ABS Cleaning enjoy the relationships they have built with their customers over the years, but they also pride themselves on the long-term bonds they have formed with their core group of employees.

    “Some employees have been with us for over 18 years,” Garneau said, adding that several others have spent more than 10 years with the company.

    For these employees, the work day begins when many others end. The cleaning crews arrive at ABS Cleaning at 5:30 p.m., retrieve keys along with any special instructions, and begin their shift from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. In the interest of safety, Garneau said all crews are supervised and a night manager conducts daily inspections.

    In addition to supervision and inspections, another important safety consideration is insurance, which is something that Garneau said Marc Berube, President of Eaton & Berube Insurance Agency, has handled since ABS Cleaning opened its doors.

    “Marc has been our agent for over 20 years,” Garneau said, adding that when she and Morris first started the business it was difficult to finance insurance, but Berube worked with them to help them secure affordable coverage. Since then, she said he has continued to shop their business, commercial auto, and workers’ compensation insurance.

    “It’s been pretty simple,” Garneau said. “He’s always watched the price for our insurance.”

    Fortunately, ABS Cleaning has been relatively claims-free over the years, but when issues have arisen, Garneau said Eaton & Berube’s Commercial Account Representative Cathy Beauregard has been extremely helpful in handling them.

    Although Eaton & Berube has handled ABS Cleaning’s insurance needs for more than two decades, the agency certainly isn’t the only local business with which Garneau works. As a family business owner, Garneau said she tends to support other local and family-owned companies.

    “You want to keep business in the community to help the community grow,” she said.

    ABS Cleaning services New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, and can be reached via phone at (603) 880-4657 or email at absclean@comcast.net.


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